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Undecylenic Acid - from The Castor Oil Dictionary

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Undecylenic Acid - from The Castor Oil Dictionary


    • Undecylenic Acid


      • Synonyms: Undecenoic Acid
      • Undecylenic Acid is an unsaturated carboxylic acid. When Ricinoleic acid is pyrolyzed by heating in the absence of air, it breaks down to give undecylenic acid and n-heptaldehyde. This product has the bifunctionality, odd carbon number and a unique position of its unsaturated double bond at the end of the chain, all of which makes it a versatile tool for chemical synthesis.
      • World over, the market of undecylenic acid is dominated by Ato Fina of France, which uses a majority of its production for the captive consumption for Nylon 11 manufacturing.


      • Uses of Undecylenic Acid


        • Undecylenic is used in the manufacture of synthetic nylons, “Nylon-11”, which is an important engineering polymer.
        • Several perfumery bases can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid & its derivatives. This acid has a fatty - fruity rosy note & therefore it is used in traces in jasmine, rose & other floral bouquets
        • The following perfumery chemicals can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid & its derivatives.
          • Methyl undecylenate fatty citrus odours - used in lilac perfumes.
          • Ethyl undecylenate - fatty musk: odour - used in rose compositions.
          • Allyl undecylenate - quince odour - used to modify floral bouquets.
          • Undecylenic aldehyde - penetrating rose odour with an orange violet touch used in compositions of Rose, Jasmine, Clary sage & eau-de-cologne.
          • Undecylenic alcohol - fatty citrus note - used in compositions of Jasmine, Rose & Lilac.
          • The allyl ester of Undecylenic acid having various odours of quiches are used in perfumes.
          • Undecalactone (Aldehyde C-14) powerful & tenacious sweet fruity odour similar to ripe peach. It can produce distinctly sweet & fresh notes in Jasmine, Lilac, Rose Acacia Amaryllis, Lotus & in all kinds of fancy bouquets & in peach & apricot flavours.
          • Undecylenic acid is the starting material for other important aroma chemicals such as pelorgonic acid and esters, several macrocylic musks such as ethylene brassylate (Musk T), exaltone, exaltolide, Musk RI, Cevolide etc.
        • A variety of compounds useful as bactericides, fungicides & insect sprays are produced from Undecylenic Acid. Undecylenic Acid acid and its zinc soaps are used as fungicides in medicine and agriculture - the Zinc salt is used in antifungal sprinkling powder for sports shoes. Undecylenic acid is also used as fungicide in many skin ointments. Its ethanolamides and their sulpho-succinates are used as anti dandruff additives, and as bactericides in shampoos and other cosmetics.
        • Some pharmaceutical companies use mixture of Undecylenic Acid & its Zinc Salt as an active ingredient in remedy for athlete's foot (Athlete’s Foot Info from Med Info, UK)
        • Ethoxylated Undecylenic Acid shows promise as an emulsifier that can also replace some or all biocides (Biocides Info from Health & Safety Executive, UK) in cosmetics. Several companies have incorporated this in their formulations.
        • PEG mono-undecylenates & undecyl sulphates exhibit excellent surfactant properties.
        • Undecylenic Acid is also used in the synthesis of insect pheromones (sex attractants) (Pheromones from Cornell University).
        • Other Uses: Chemical intermediates for:

·        Bi-functionality (amino 11)

·        Anti-odor formulations



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