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Castor Oil USP

Pharmaceutical grade castor oil is produced from the first pressing of castor seed in which the oil does not lose any medicinal qualities.

Castor Oil USP Grade refers to the castor oil prepared in conformity with the USP norms. It is the grade used by the pharmaceutical industry in the USA.


         It is used as emollient for pharmaceutical creams and lotions

         It is also used in lubricants, paints, resins, grease, cosmetics, waxes, textile, leather, polyols, surfactants, printing Inks, water proofing additives, emulsifiers, plasticizers, pigments etc.

Physical, Chemical Properties and Specifications:

CAS Number


Flash Point

229oC (444oF) CC

Autoignition Temperature

449oC (840oF)


Light yellow viscous liquid


Slight characteristic odor


Negligible (< 0.1%)

Specific Gravity

0.961-0.963 @ 15.5oC

% Volatiles by volume @ 21oC (70oF)


Boiling Point

313oC (595oF)

Melting Point

-10oC (14oF)