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Castor Oil Based Esterols

C18 Esterols are unsaturated fatty acids. They are present in the form of methylic esters which are not cracked in the Marseilles process.

Arkema produces a series of castor oil derivatives under the brand name of 

Esterol A is the constituent of Castor oil which is not broken up by steam cracking. This product contains several saturated and unsaturated C18 natural fatty acids like stearic, oleic, linoleic and ricinoleic acid (as corresponding methyl esters).


Bitumen emulsions (Esterol 11)
Machining oils, due to their capacity to fix sulphur
Metal working fluids (lubricity for anti-wear additive when sulfurized)
Fat liquors for leather treatment
Concrete mold release agents
Grease and lubrication formulations
Anti-foam agents