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Calcium Undecylenate

Calcium undecylenate is the calcium salt of undecylenic acid. It is derived by the vacuum distillation of castor oil.

The antifungal properties of medium chain fatty acid increase as the chain lengthens, and peak at 11.

An 11 carbon mono-unsaturated fatty acid, calcium undecylenate is an extremely effective, broad-spectrum antifungal.

Both zinc & calcium undecylenate salts are used as fungicides. The fungicidal effect of undecylenate salts have been shown to be four times higher than that of undecylenic acid.

Calcium undecylenate is an extremely effective, well-tolerated, broad-spectrum antifungal. Topical calcium undecylenate is specifically used on the skin to treat fungus infections.


CAS Number


Chemical Formula


Physical state and appearance


Molecular Weight

406.62 g/mole

Melting Point