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Methyl 12-HSA (Hydroxy Stearic Acid)

Methyl 12-HSA and it's applications
Methyl 12-HSA is an ester that is efficient in extending the lubrication life of grease. Greases made with the product can be formulated to higher drop points, and they experience both less bleeding and improved oxidative stability .The development of these products was most beneficial in the grease processing area due to avoidance of milling and homogenizing, less shearing and overall uniform consistency.
Methyl 12-HSA is usually sold in the liquid form and is widely used in the continuous grease process. It has a lower melt point than 12-HSA and is therefore, easier to handle in the liquid form.
Solid pigment dispersant for colour concentrates used in plastics, inks and coatings
Mold lubricant and release agent in plastic extrusion, molding and calendaring
Plasticizer - coupling agent for hot melt adhesives and textile printing compounds
Processing aid for rubber, plastics and polymers
Used in high temperature greases