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Castor Crop Yield

Castor Seed Yield

Average seed yields range from 9001000 kg/ha under irrigation, and 500 kg/ha without adequate moisture. Some improved open-pollinated varieties in Brazil yield 1,300 kg/ha, with exceptional yields up to 5,000 kg/ha. Average Indian yields are about 1000 kg/ha.

Under exceptional circumstances in the state of Gujarat in India, seed yields of 6000 Kg / hectare have been recorded, but it should be noted that these yields have been registered only for some limited growth areas.


FAO Data for castor seed yields (2009-10)

India: 1026 Kg / hectare

China: 960 Kg / hectare        

Brazil: 671 Kg / hectare

Castor Oil Yield

The Indian variety of castor has 48% oil content of which 42% can be extracted, while the cake retains the rest.

Impact of agronomic practices on productivity of castor seed 


Improvement in productivity (%)

Introduction of improved lines/hybrids


Timely fertilizer application


Plant protection measures


Whole package


Intercropping system