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Sulfated/Sulfonated Castor Oil

Sulfated or Sulfonated castor oil is a castor oil that has been treated so that it is fully dispersible in water, thus making it perfect for bath oil products. It is also called Turkey Red Oil.

The traditional method of preparing turkey-red oil is to add concentrated sulfuric acid at a controlled rate to castor oil over a period of several hours with constant cooling and agitation of the reaction mass to maintain a temperature of 25-30oC. After acid addition is complete, the reaction mass is washed then neutralized using an alkali solution or an amine.


         Sulfated Castor Oil was the first synthetic detergent after ordinary soap. It is also used in formulating lubricants, softeners, and dyeing assistants.

         Being an anionic surfactant, it is an active wetting agent (a chemical agent capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved). As such, it is used extensively in dyeing and in finishing of cotton and linen. Generally, the ability of castor oil and some of its derivatives to wet surfaces make them useful as excellent carriers of pigments and dyes.

         Sulfonated castor oil is of medium viscosity and is usually used in bath oil recipes along with fragrance or essential oils, or in shampoos.

         It is the only oil that will completely disperse in water. It is a surfactant and therefore makes a wonderful base for bath oil as it mixes well with water, producing a milk bath.

         Sulfonated castor oil is also used in agriculture as organic manure, in paper industry for defoaming, in pharmaceuticals as undecylenate, in paints, inks, softeners and in lubricants.

Chemical, Physical Properties and Specifications:

CAS Number



Brownish yellow oil



Melting Point

< 0C

Boiling Point

> 150C

Chemical Character



7 ~ 8

Sulfonation Degree

Minimum 4.0


Miscible in water giving milky emulsion