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Ethoxylated Castor Oil

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Ethoxylated castor oil is prepared by reacting 35 moles of ethylene oxide with 1 mole of castor oil which is capable of reacting as a non-ionic detergent in solutions. It is registered by a German firm BASF Corp in the name “Cremophor EL” and has high supply demand gap of over 50,000 tonnes per year.

Cremophor EL vehicle is applied in administration of potential drugs namely Miconazole, Paclitaxel, Sandimmune, Teniposide and Digoxin etc.


·         Ethoxylated castor oil is a nonionic surfactant having many industrial applications.

·         Used in polymer coating applications

·         Used in the wool scouring industry, as it is an excellent cleaning agent for grease and oil

·         Used in corrosion lubricants

Physical, Chemical Properties and Specifications:

CAS Number



Clear or light yellow liquid

Density ( g / cm-3) @ 25oC


pH (5% in water)


Cloud point, °C


Hydroxyl Value, mg KOH/g


Moisture, Percent

Max 0.5