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Castor Oil C-11 Derivatives

Undecylenic acid

Undecylenic acid is a castor oil derivative with 11 carbon atoms produced by pyrolytic decomposition of ricinoleic acid under extreme physical conditions with heptaldehyde as a by-product of the reaction.

It has anti-fungal properties and found as a key ingredient in drug formulations. In addition it readily finds applications as a de-odourizer, surfactant, bio-cide and in polymer production. It is also important to note that undecylenic acid is FDA approved as an anti-fungal molecule for therapeutic usage.  

Undecylenic acid leads to synthesis of its corresponding ammonical and amide derivatives which are in industrially potent chemicals.

It is important to note that this compound is extensively synthesized by a French polymer firm Arkema for nylon 11 production by over 20,000 metric tonnes per annum as per sources.

Undecanoic acid

It is a derivative of undecylenic acid with 11 carbon atoms whose products in particular amino-undecanoic acid serves as the precursor for the production of nylon 11 by self-polycondensation.

It finds applications in perfumes and flavours as intermediary chemicals and as an active principle in ointments with dermatophilic activity.

As aminoundecanoic acid is the only immediate precursor for the synthesis of nylon 11, its scope is enormous at the global polymer industries. 

Zinc undecylenate

It is a salt of undecylenic fatty acid associated with anti-fungal activities. Reports show that this molecule is highly effective and stable than its corresponding free fatty acid. Its annual production is 1000 tonnes per annum.

It is included as an active ingredient in pharmaceutical preparations to relieve from superficial fungal infections and reduces symptoms of itching, burning etc.

Methyl undecylenate:

Methyl undecylenate is a derived ester produced directly from thermal decomposition of methyl ricinoleate with an aldehyde as a byproduct which is exploited as a chemical intermediate in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and anti-odour formulations.