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Zinc Undecylenate


 Synonyms –Zinc diundec-10-enoate; Undecylenic acid zinc salt 

CAS Number


Chemical Formula


Physical state and appearance


Molecular Weight

431.92 g/mole


Undecylenic acid and its zinc salts are used for the treatment and prevention of superficial fungus infections of the skin, primarily tinea pedis, as well as relieves itching, burning and irritation

 For both zinc and calcium undecylenate salts

  • The fungicidal effect of undecylenate salts have been shown to be four times higher than with undecylenic acid.
  • Excellent skin bio-affinity due to their amphiphile structure.
  • No side effects or adverse reactions with preparations containing undecylenic acid and its zinc salt (formulations of foot powder with 20% ZnUDA and 2% UDA in talcum).