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Castor Oil C-18 derivatives

Hydroxy Stearic Acid


12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12-HSA) is a saturated, hydroxyl functional group containing fatty acid which is derived from ricinoleic acid of castor oil. Its synthesis involves hydrogenation principle to make saturation of the double bond in ricinoleic acid and subsequent isolation of 12-HAS is by acid and alkali neutralization treatments.


12 HSA is used in grease manufacture, plastics lubrication and as a raw material for the synthesis of numerous complex chemicals. In addition, it is useful for jelling liquid petroleum in cosmetic formulations, as a key component in paints and rubbers production.


The addition of 12-HSA greases enhances the overall performance with better texture, improved heat stability and improved dropping points and it simplifies the grease manufacturing process.


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Methyl 12-HSA


Methyl 12-HSA is a castor oil derivative produced by direct esterification of 12-hydroxy stearic acid with methanol in the presence of mineral acid as a catalyst. Methyl 12-HSA is usually sold in the liquid form and has a lower melting point than 12-Hydroxy stearic acid (12-HSA) which makes it easier to handle in the liquid form.


Its main applications include:

         Solid pigment dispersant for colour concentrates used in plastics, inks and coatings

         Mold lubricant and release agent in plastic extrusion, molding and calendaring

         Plasticizer - coupling agent for hot melt adhesives and textile printing compounds

         Processing aid for rubber, plastics and polymers

         Used in high temperature greases 

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Methyl Ricinoleate


Methyl ricinoleate is an ester produced by trans-esterification of methanol with glyceryl ricinoleate in the presence of a catalyst and is subsequently resolved from glycerol by sedimentation.


         It is a key ingredient in cosmetics, toiletries and a low temperature plasticizer for polymer production.

         Methyl ricinoleate is also used as a fuel additive for enhanced performance of eco-friendly fuels.


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Zinc ricinoleate:


It is a salt of ricinoleic fatty acid with malodour capturing activity and binds with them irreversibly. Its activity is so effective in trapping the molecules associated with sweat and their characteristic odour.

Zinc ricinoleate is also used as a fungicide, emulsifier and stabilizer