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First pressed degummed grade castor oil

First  pressed degummed grade castor oil is an early product of castor seed produced by degumming process , involving removal of plant polymeric substances so as to improve oil’ texture, colour etc.


Castor oil that is first pressed, filtered and then degummed has the unique lubricating properties of castor without the excessive buildup and carbon. This grade is hence used in the lubricant industry in a significant manner.

Physical, Chemical Properties & Specifications:


Yellowish, Brilliant Clear, Viscous Liquid

Free Fatty Acid

1 percent Max

Refractive Index

1.477 – 1.481

Colour by Gardner

6-7 G

Specific Gravity @ 300 C

0.954 – 0.960

Acid Value

2.0 Max

Moisture, Impurities & Volatile Matter

0.75% Max

Hydroxyl Value


Iodine Value


Saponification Value


Unsaponifiable matter

1.0 Max