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Castor Oil

A Comprehensive Report with Data and Statistics on Castor Oil from CastorOil.in manufacturers, derivatives, castor oil chemicals end-uses, castor meal / cake, prices, manufacturing, cultivation, specifications see here all you wish to know about the world of castor, all in one report

List of Castor Oil & Castor Oil Derivatives CastorOil.in Can Assist in Sourcing

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 C 18 Derivatives of Castor Oil

 Ricinoleic Acid

 Sebacic Acid

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Castor Bean

Castor Bean > Castor Seed

Castor Seed > Castor Meal, Castor Oil

Castor Seed > Castor Oil > Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO) > 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12 HSA) > Methyl 12 HSA (Hydroxy Stearate Acid)

Castor Oil > Blown Castor Oil, COLM (Urethane Grade), Commercial Grade, BP, DAB-10, Deodorized, European Pharmacopia, Extra Pale Grade, Pale Pressed Grade (PPG), First Pressed Degummed, Special Grade (First Special Grade (FSG)), United States Pharmacopia (USP), Industrial Castor Oil, Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO), Ethoxylated Castor Oil

Castor Oil > C 3  > Glycerine

Castor Oil > C-7 > Heptanoic Acid, Heptaldehyde, Heptyl Alcohol (Heptanol)

Castor Oil > C 11 > Undecylenic Acid > Undecanoic Acid, Undecylenic Aldehyde, Undecylenic Alcohol, Calcium Undecylenate, Zinc Undecylenate, Allyl Undecylenate, Sodium Undecylenate, Methyl Undecylenate, Ethyl Undecylenate

Castor Oil > C 18 > Esterols

Castor Oil > Ricinoleic Acid > Methyl Ricinoleate

Castor Oil > Sebacic Acid, 2-Octanol