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Methyl Ricinoleate

Production Process:

Castor oil is converted to methyl ricinoleate by treatment with methyl alcohol.


  • Alkyl ricinoleates and alkyl 12-hydroxy stearates such as methyl ricinoleate are important ingredients in various cosmetics and toiletries.
  • Some microorganisms can transform methyl ricinoleate into γ-decalactone, a valuable aroma compound.
  • Methyl ricinoleate has potential to be used as a fuel additive to enhance performance of environmentally friendly fuels. As part of ongoing research efforts on biodiesel fuels, methyl ricinoleate (biodiesel from the castor plant) has been tested as a potential lubricity additive for petroleum diesel. The unique chemical properties of processed castor oils make it an ideal candidate as a fuel additive. Its hydroxyl molecular structure is unique among plant oils and it burns cleanly along with petroleum diesel in truck and tractor engines. These tests all consistently supported the use of this biodiesel additive.