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Are you looking to source Castor Oil Urethane Grade from India?

Are You….

A manufacturer or trader looking for Indian suppliers to source Castor Oil Urethane Grade?

CastorOil.in can help you all.

Remember the site www.CastorOil.in, friends - for extensive information on castor oil and its derivatives, for castor oil research, and for castor oil & all castor oil derivative chemicals suppliers

(Please see Castor Oil, Castor Derivatives & Castor Chemicals Sourcing Directory for information on sourcing other products and chemicals)

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What Can We Do for You?

Today, India is considered one of the most cost-effective and high-quality destinations to source Urethane Grade COLM & related castor oil derivatives. India also happens to be the largest exporter of castor oil in the world. As India’s foremost online sourcing platform specializing in the castor industry, CastorOil.in assist organisations worldwide in finding the most suitable Indian vendor for castor oil and castor oil derivative products.

What are the CastorOil.in services in the context of sourcing of Urethane Grade COLM and related products/services?

· Understanding your Urethane Grade COLM sourcing needs fully and suggesting available sourcing options

· Providing inputs that you can use for your sourcing decisions

· Suggesting suitable suppliers who can be your sourcing partner

· Coordinating first-level interactions between your organization and the prospect suppliers

· Providing you additional inputs that can help you in making a sourcing decision

Urethane Grade COLM Sourcing

CastorOil.in can assist you in procuring Urethane Grade COLM in any specifications that you required. If you require any customizations of the basic formulation, that can be done as well. We can guide you to high quality suppliers who can supply you Urethane Grade Castor Oil at competitive prices.

Once you let us know the exact specifications you are looking for, we will be able to find a suitable Indian supplier for you within a short period of time.

Complete List of Castor Oil & Castor Oil Derivatives CastorOil.in Can Assist in Sourcing

  • Castor Meal
  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil (HCO)
    • 12 Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12 HSA)
    • Methyl 12 HSA (Hydroxy Stearate Acid)
  • Blown Castor Oil
  • COLM (Urethane Grade)
  • Commercial Grade
  • BP
  • DAB-10
  • Deodorized
  • European Pharmacopia
  • Extra Pale Grade
  • Pale Pressed Grade (PPG)
  • First Pressed Degummed
  • Special Grade (First Special Grade (FSG)
  • United States Pharmacopia (USP)
  • Industrial Castor Oil
  • Dehydrated Castor Oil (DCO)
  • Ethoxylated Castor Oil
  • Ricinoleic Acid
    • Methyl Ricinoleate
  • Sebacic Acid
  • 2-Octanol
  • C 3
    • Glycerine
  • C-7
    • Heptanoic Acid
    • Heptaldehyde
    • Heptyl Alcohol (Heptanol)
  • C 11
    • Undecylenic Acid
      • Undecanoic Acid
      • Undecylenic Aldehyde
      • Undecylenic Alcohol
      • Calcium Undecylenate
      • Zinc Undecylenate
      • Allyl Undecylenate
      • Sodium Undecylenate
      • Methyl Undecylenate
      • Ethyl Undecylenate
  • C 18
    • Esterols

Are We Going to Cost A Lot?

No. On the contrary, we will cost you nothing.

Nothing? Yes. At absolutely no cost and obligations, we at CastorOil.in can understand your needs, present possible options & vendors and give you structured suggestions

Talk to us. We can suggest what is best for you. At no cost. And with no obligations.

What Next?

Simple, contact us - by sending an email to Narsi Santhanam ( [email protected] ) - or if you prefer, you can reach Narsi at +91-9841348117 (India). It will be useful if you could mention a couple of points about your needs. We will interact with you immediately and understand the rest.

You can of course contact us anytime, but why not contact us now?

Why CastorOil.in?

· We are not just a vendor finder, our group helps companies worldwide in many aspects of their castor oil and castor oil derivatives sourcing process

· We are focussed on the castor and related agricultural products industries

· We have excellent knowledge of the global and Indian castor oil and castor oil derivatives market

· We provide this service to the buyers worldwide at no cost

· Our knowledge of the Indian castor oil and castor derivatives vendors and their capabilities is excellent

· We operate from India, a country with a strong credibility in the castor oil industry, and the largest exporter of castor oil in the world.

· The Indian supplier base also means that your sourcing will be at prices that are significantly less than what it would cost you otherwise

Castor Oil Urethane Grade Information

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Castor Oil > C 3 > Glycerine

Castor Oil > C-7 > Heptanoic Acid, Heptaldehyde, Heptyl Alcohol (Heptanol)

Castor Oil > C 11 > Undecylenic Acid > Undecanoic Acid, Undecylenic Aldehyde, Undecylenic Alcohol, Calcium Undecylenate, Zinc Undecylenate, Allyl Undecylenate, Sodium Undecylenate, Methyl Undecylenate, Ethyl Undecylenate

Castor Oil > C 18 > Esterols

Castor Oil > Ricinoleic Acid > Methyl Ricinoleate

Castor Oil > Sebacic Acid, 2-Octanol


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Kuwait - as-Salimiyah (Salmiya), Jalib as-Suyuh, Kuwait City

Lebanon – Beirut, Tripoli, Sayda, Sur

Saudi Arabia – Riyadh, Jiddah, Mecca, Medinah (Medina), ad-Dammam, at-Taif, Tabuk, Buraydah, al-Hufuf, Khamis Mushayt, Hail, Kharj, Jubail, Hafar-al-Batin, Yanbu, Abha, Araar, al-Hawiyah, Unayzah, Najran

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Libya – Tripoli, Benghazi, Homs, Misratah, Zawiyah, Barqa, Zlitan, Garyan, Tobruk, Yafran, al-Bayda, Tarhuna, Darnah

Yemen - Sana’a, Eden, Taizz, Hudaydah, Mukalla, Ibb, Dhamar

Qatar - Doha

Palestine – Gaza, Jerusalem (PAL), Hebron, Jabaliyah, Nablus, Rafah

Oman - Masqat-Matrah, Salalah, Suhar, Ibri, Suwayq



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Yukon Territory

Australia – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Canberra, Wollongong, Sunshine Coast, Hobart, Geelong, Townsville, Cairns, Launceston

China Cities – Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Harbin, Xian, Chongqing, Kowloon, Chengdu, Changchun, Taiyuan, Nanjing, Jinan, Dalian, Qingdao, Lanzhou, Fushun, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Datong, Anshan, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang, Guiyang, Hong Kong, Jilin, Urumqi, Shenzhen, Nanchang, Fuzhou, Nanning, Xuzhou, Kunming, Tangshan, Luoyang, Wuxi, Hefei, Shantou, Qiqihar, Benxi, Suzhou, Liuzhou, Hohhot, Xining, Baotou, Huangshi, Jinzhou, Fuxin, Hegang, Handan, Yingkou, Kaifeng, Mudanjiang, Hengyang, Liaoyang, Baoding, Anyang, Changzhou, Xinxiang, Dandong, Bengbu, Wuhu, Jiamusi, Tuanmun, Shatin, Pingdingshan, Xiangtan, Zhuzhou, Yichang, Aomen, Panzhihua, Guilin, Xiangfan, Ningbo, Xiamen, Wenzhou, Jiaozuo, Zhanjiang, Changzhi, Panjin, Yantai, Tanggu, Haikou, Donghe, Zhangjiakou, Maanshan, Yangquan, Shiyan, Liaoyuan, Xianyang, Baoji, Qitaihe, Dongguan, Xingtai, Siping, Shashi, Anqing, Yangzhou, Taian, Weifang, Zhenjiang, Jingdezhen, Jinxi, Guizhong, Zhongshan, Taipo, Qinhuangdao, Quanwan, Hulan Ergi, Luzhou, Foshan, Yangjiang, Zunyi, Jiujiang, Tieling, Dongying, Tongling, Shaoyang, Xianggangzi, Tiangjiaan, Yueyang, Yancheng, Wuzhou, Nanyang, Zhangdian, Wafangdian, Saertu, Suizhou, Zigong, Linyi, Yingcheng, Heze, Dongchang, Xuchang, Suihua, Changde, Chifeng, Shaoguan, Yanji, Yinchuan, Xincheng, Tongliao, Mianyang, Rizhao, Yibin, Huaiyin, Cangzhou, Chaozhou, Laohekou, Mianchang, Baicheng, Nantong, Jixi, Guangyuan, Hebi, Tongchuan, Xiantao, Jinzhou, Yuci, Ranghulu, Xintai, Shiongshui, Huizhou, Yining, Liaocheng, Yiyang, Chaoyang, Wuxue, Ganzhou, Dezhou, Huaibei, Linfen, Zhangzhou, Qingyi, Nanchong, Sanming, Tianmen, Xinpu, Jiangmen, Rongcheng, Quanzhou, Xinyang, Suzhou, Haicheng, Zhuhai, Shuangyashan, Shaoxing, Jiaxing, Zouxian, Shangqiu, Jining, Kashi, Nanping, Chenzhou, Shihezi, Kaiyuan, Zaoyang, Anda, Yuncheng, Wanxian, Xuanhua, Badaojiang, Neijiang, Longfeng, Jingzhou, Zaozhuang, Qincheng, Anshun, Ezhou, Puyang, Yizheng, Dongling, Mentougou, Baiyin, Jiutai, Maoming, Liupanshui, Luan, Jining, Laiyang, Jingmen, Minhang, Bozhou, Korla, Jiaozhou, Huzhou, Weinan, Yulin, Dunhua, Jian, Hailar, Huanggang, Fuyang, Chengde, Fuling, Xiaogan, Wulanhaote, Qiongguanou, Zhicheng, Gejiu, Xianning, Yuhong, Beipiao, Hengshan, Boshan, Zhaodong, Xinji, Kaili, Deyang, Linhe, Yichun, Daliang, Sujiatun, Dingzhou, Honghu, Gaomi, Guangshui, Yichun, Zhoukou, Zhaoqing, Beian, Leshan, Acheng, Xinzhou, Yuanlong, Dachang, Tongzhou, Aksu, Linhai, Shangrao, Hanzhong, Chizhou, Chuzhou, Huicheng, Zalantun, Shanwei, Gongzhuling, Hengshui, Beihai, Shizuishan, Chaohu, Yushan, Jinhua, Jieshou, Humen, Ankang, Longyan, Huadian, Zhumadian, Fuyu, Qujing, Donghai, Huangyan, Xiaolan, Leiyang, Haibowan, Gangdong, Wuda, Shuimogou, Yongan, Xuanzhou, Huaihua, Langfang, Puqi, Shuangcheng, Daxian, Pingxiang, Jincheng, Jiagedagi, Tongren, Yakeshi, Sanmenxia, Linchuan, Jiangyou, Jinchang, Dali, Jiupu, Baoshan, Zhoucun, Licheng, Honggang, Macheng, Yushu, Fengcheng, Luohe, Hami, Huangzhou, Nancha, Xingyi, Jiaohe, Daan, Dawukou, Gaozhou, Hangu, Laiwu, Kaiyuan, Suining, Wuning, Anbu, Shishou, Loudi, Bantou, Yidu, Xichang, Binzhou, Hekou, Linqing, Yanan, Wencheng, Mingshui, Zhuozhou, Qianjiang, Ruian, Karamay, Lengshuijiang, Qianguo, Changji, Shahe, Daan, Taonan, Lasa, Hailun, Tieli, Xinan, Chuncheng, Shaowu, Hulan, Meizhou, Dongtai, Chenghai, Nehe, Zhucheng, Qingyuan, Wuwei, Xiangdong, Rongcheng, Beibei, Sucheng, Yingzhong, Linshui, Longjiang, Dehui, Yushan, Jiangyin, Jinma, Tinshuiwei, Yaan, Pulandian, Buhe, Majie, Anqiu, Zhaoyang, Tengzhou, Taicheng, Zhaotong, Didao, Songjiang, Zhalainuoer, Shunyi, Weihai, Yuyao, Jishu, Jiayuguan, Shenjiamen, Sanbu, Jinchengjiang, Xingcheng, Zhaocheng, Pingliang, Zhuji, Lianran, Xilinhaote, Yunyang, Zhangye, Jieshi, Linxi, Meihekou, Xinshi, Lishui, Shiqiao, Nongan

South Korea – Seoul, Pusa, Taegu, Incheon, Taejeon, Kwangju, Seongnam, Ulsan, Pucheon, Suweon, Anyang, Cheonju, Cheongju, Koyang, Ansan, Changweon, Pohang, Masan, Kwangmyeong, Euijeongbu, Chinju, Cheju, Kumi, Mokpo, Iksan, Cheonan, Kunsan, Pyeongtaek, Chuncheon, Weonju, Yeosu, Suncheon, Kangneung, Kyeongju, Chungju, Andong, Poryong, Chechon, Tongyong, Tonghae

Indian Cities (by population)

Mumbai(Bombay), New Delhi, Kolkata (Kolkatta, Calcutta), Bangalore, Chennai (Madras), Ahmedabad (Ahmadabad), Hyderabad, Pune, Kanpur, Surat, Jaipur, Lucknow, Nagpur, Indore, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Patna, Baroda (Vadodara), Agra, Kalyan-Dombivli, Varanasi, Nasik (Nashik), Meerut (Mirat), Faridabad, Haora (Howrah), Pimpri (Pimprichinchwad), Allahabad, Amritsar, Vishakapatnam (Visakhapatnam, Visakapatnam, Vizag), Rajkot, Jabalpur (Jabalpore), Coimbatore, Madurai, Srinagar, Sholapur (Sholapore), Ranchi, Jodhpur, Gwalior, Vijayawada, Chandigarh, Guwahati (Gauhati, Gawhati), Hubli, Trichy, Trivandrum, Mysore, Navi Mumbai, Jalandar (Jalandhar), Bareilly (Bareli), Kota, Salem, Aligarh, Bhubaneshwar (Bhubaneswar), Moradabad, Gorakhpur, Raipur, Bhiwandi, Kochi (Cochin), Jamshedpur, Bhilai, Amravati, Bikaner, Warangal, Mira Bhayandar, Guntur, Bhavnagar, Durgapur, Asansol, Kolhapur, Ajmer, Saharanpur (Sahranpur), Dehradun, Jamnagar, Bhatpara, Sangli-Miraj, Kozhikode, Nanded, Ujjain, Gulbarga, Tirunelveli (Thirunelveli), Malegaon, Akola, Belgaum, Mangalore, Bokaro, Udaipur, Maheshtala, Jhansi, Gaya, Jammu, Jalgaon, Davanagare (Devanagere, Devanagare), Kollam (Quilon), Panihati, Tiruppur, Dhule, Bhagalpur, Rajpur, Thrissur, Bellary, Muzaffarnagar, Korba, Kamarhati, Rajahmundry (Rajamundry), Ahmednagar, Muzaffarpur, Patiala, Chandrapur, Kakinada, Behrampur, Nizamabad, Rohtak, Bardhaman, Rampur, Bhilwara, Firozabad, Shimoga, Gopalpur, Kurnool (Kurnul, Karnul), Dharbanga (Dharbhanga), Bilaspur, Lal Bahadurnagar, Panipat, Bally, Alwar, Parbhani, Ichalkaranji, Hissar, Baranagar, Tumkur, Bijapur, Ramagundam, Jalna, Sagar, Barasat, Dewas, Aizawl, Farrukhabad (Farukkabad), Tirupati, Satna, Rourkela, Ratnam, Anantapur, Pondicherry, Bhatinda, Imphal, Tuticorin, Tanjore (Thanjavur), Hapur, Etawah, Ganganagar, Karnal, Nagercoil (Nagarcoil), Kharagpur, Raichur, Mirzapur, Bharatpur, Sikandrabad (Sikandarabad), Karimnagar, Ulubaria, Dhanbad, Dindugal (Dindugul)

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