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If you are looking to buy castor oil or castor oil derivatives and chemicals, this section is for you


Castor Crop Resources


Info about castor plant, cultivation and about the castor beans


Castor Oil Extraction


Extraction & refining process of castor oil


Castor Oil Derivatives


Details about castor oil derivatives and chemicals


Castor Oil Uses


Info on applications of castor oil in a variety of fields and industries


Castor Oil Trade


Market info & data on castor oil producers


Castor Oil Research


Future trends and research for castor oil, castor chemicals and their applications




The Castor Oil Glossary section of provides definitions and details for the various terms used in the castor oil and castor oil derivatives industry. We hope you find it useful. is the home of castor oil and castor oil chemicals online. 


Glossary of Terms


Castor Plant


Castor Bean


Castor Seed


Castor Meal/Castor Cake


Castor Oil


Castor Oil Derivatives


Castor Oil BP Grade


Castor Oil USP


Castor Oil FSG


Commercial Castor Oil


Dehydrated Castor Oil


Deodorised Castor Oil


European Pharmacopia Castor Oil


Hydrogenated Castor Oil


Industrial Castor Oil


Ricinoleic Acid


Sulfonated Castor Oil


Turkey Red Oil


De-oiled Castor Cake


Castor Extract


Castor Oil Chemicals




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