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Ethoxylated Castor Oil - from The Castor Oil Dictionary

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Ethoxylated Castor Oil - from The Castor Oil Dictionary


  • Ethoxylated castor oil is a nonionic surfactant having many industrial applications.
  • Polyoxyethylene castor oil derivatives are complex mixtures of various hydrophobic and hydrophilic components. In the polyethoxylated castor oil, the hydrophobic constituents comprise about 80% of the total mixture, the main component being glycerol polyethylene glycol ricinoleate. Other hydrophobic constituents include fatty acid esters of polyethylene glycol along with some unchanged castor oil. The hydrophilic part consists of polyethylene glycols and glycerol ethoxylates.
  • It is also called Polyoxyl Castor Oil, Polyoxyl n Castor Oil, Polyethylene Glycol Castor Oil, Castor Oil Ethoxylates & Polyethoxylated Castor Oil
  • Mixture of triricinoleate esters of ethoxylated glycerol with small amounts of polyethyleneglycol (macrogol) ricinoleate and the corresponding free glycols.
  • Polyoxyethylene castor oil derivatives are nonionic surfactants used in oral, topical and parenteral pharmaceutical formulations. Used as emulsifying & solubilising agents in pharmaceutical preparations & cosmetics. They are also used in cosmetics animal feeds and Textile, used as emulsifing and solubilizing agents, and are particularly suitable for the production of aqueous liquid preparations containing volatile oils, fat-soluble vitamins and other hydrophobic substances. The oil has also been used as a solvent in proprietary injections of diazepam, propanidid and alfaxalone with alfadolone acetate. In veterinary practice, polyethloxylated castor oil can be used to emulsify cod liver oil, and oils and fats incorporated into animal feeding stuffs. In cosmetics, it is mainly used as a solubilizing agent for perfume bases and volatile oils. In hand lotions it can be used to replace castor oil.
  • Also used in polymer coating applications
  • Ethoxylated castor oil is also used in the woolscouring industry. It is an excellent cleaning agent for grease and oil.
  • See also: Polyoxyl Castor Oil Report from: European Agency for Evaluation of Medical Products (PDF)



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