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Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade - from The Castor Oil Dictionary

The Castor Oil Dictionary section of CastorOil.in provides definitions and details for the various terms used in the castor oil and castor oil derivatives industry. We hope you find it useful. CastorOil.in is the home of castor oil and castor oil chemicals online.

Castor Oil Pale Pressed Grade - from The Castor Oil Dictionary


         Pale pressed grade castor oil is a form of castor oil that is characteristically clear and free from suspended matter. Light in colour and low in acidity, it is obtained from the first pressing of the castor bean.

         Pale Pressed Castor Oil Specs from Welch Holme Clark


Pale Pressed Castor Oil MSDS & Specifications

CASTOR OIL 1/PALE PRESSED CASTOR OIL -- 9150-00-270-0047=======================================================MSDS Safety Information =======================================================FSC: 9150NIIN: 00-270-0047MSDS Date: 04/08/1992Tech Review: 12/01/1992Product ID: CASTOR OIL 1/PALE PRESSED CASTOR OIL =======================================================Item Description Information =======================================================Item Manager: S9GItem Name: CASTOR OIL,TECHNICALSpecification Number: JJJ-C-86AType/Grade/Class: GR 1Unit of Issue: GLUI Container Qty: 6Type of Container: CAN=======================================================Ingredients =======================================================Cas: 8001-79-4Name: CASTOR OIL (NOT CONSIDERED A HAZARDOUS MATERIAL)Other REC Limits: NONE SPECIFIEDOSHA PEL: NOT ESTABLISHEDACGIH TLV: NOT ESTABLISHEDOzone Depleting Chemical: N=======================================================Health Hazards Data =======================================================LD50 LC50 Mixture: ORAL LD50 (RAT) IS UNKNOWNRoute of entry inds - inhalation: noSkin: yesIngestion: noCarcinogenicity inds - ntp: noIarc: noOsha: noEffects of exposure: none specified by manufacturer.Explanation of carcinogenicity: none of the compounds in this product is listed by iarc, ntp, or osha as a carcinogen.Signs and symptions of overexposure: slight local irritant.Medical cond aggravated by exposure: none specified by manufacturer.First aid: wash thoroughly with soap and water.=======================================================Handling and Disposal=======================================================Spill release procedures: confine with sand or other inert medea. Return to containers. Dispose in accordance with local, state and federal  regulations.Neutralizing agent: not applicable.Waste disposal methods: call national response center 800-424-8802.Handling and storage precautions: none specified by manufacturer.Other precautions: none=======================================================Fire and Explosion Hazard Information =======================================================Flash Point Text: >440F,>227CExtinguishing media: foam, carbon dioxide, or sand.Fire fighting procedures: none specified by manufacturer.Unusual fire/explosion hazard: none specified by manufacturer.=======================================================Control Measures =======================================================Respiratory protection: not normally needed.Ventilation: normal plant ventilation.Protective gloves: rubber or neoprene.Eye protection: goggles as guard against splashing.Other protective equipment: not normally needed.Work hygienic practices: observe good personal hygiene practices and  recommended procedures. Do not wear contaminated clothing or footwear.Supplemental safety and health: none.=======================================================Physical/Chemical Properties =======================================================HCC: V6B.P. Text: >450F,>232CVapor Density: >AIREvaporation rate & reference: slower than etherAppearance and odor: not specified by manufacturer.Percent volatiles by volume: nil=======================================================Reactivity Data =======================================================Stability indicator: yesStability condition to avoid: none specified by manufacturer.Materials to avoid: caustic amines, alkanolamines, inorganic acids.Hazardous decomposition products: unknown if anyHazardous polymerization indicator: no=======================================================Toxicological Information ==============================================================================================================Ecological Information ==============================================================================================================MSDS Transport Information ==============================================================================================================Regulatory Information ==============================================================================================================Other Information ==============================================================================================================Transportation Information =======================================================Responsible Party Cage: ALNORTrans ID NO: 64277Product ID: CASTOR OIL 1/PALE PRESSED CASTOR OILMSDS Prepared Date: 04/08/1992Review Date: 12/01/1992Article W/O MSDS: NNet Unit Weight: 8 LBSMultiple KIT Number: 0Unit Of Issue: GLContainer QTY: 6Type Of Container: CAN=======================================================Detail DOT Information =======================================================Dot proper shipping name: not regulated by this mode of transportation=======================================================Detail IMO Information =======================================================Imo proper shipping name: not regulated for this mode of transportation=======================================================Detail IATA Information =======================================================IATA Proper Shipping Name: not regulated by this mode of transportation=======================================================Detail AFI Information =======================================================AFI Proper Shipping Name: NOT REGULATED BY THIS MODE OF TRANSPORTATION=======================================================HAZCOM Label=======================================================Product ID: CASTOR OIL 1/PALE PRESSED CASTOR OILChronic Hazard IND: NEye Protection IND: YESSkin Protection IND: YESSignal Word: CAUTIONHealth Hazard: NoneContact Hazard: SlightFire Hazard: SlightReactivity Hazard: NoneHazard and precautions: this material is not considered hazardous by the hazard communication standard. Effects of overexposure: slight local irritant. First sid: wash thoroughly with soap and water. Spill: confine with sand  or other inert media. Return to containers. Dispose in accordance with local, state and federal regulations.=======================================================Disclaimer (provided with this information by the compiling agencies): CastorOil.in in no manner whatsoever expressly or implied warrants, states, or intends said information to have any application, use or viability by or to any person or persons outside the organization nor any person or persons and disclaims all liability for such use.


Glossary of Castor Oil Terms

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