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Emerging Business Opportunities in Castor Oil Derivatives

An Expert Guide

Updated Nov 2014

Price: US$ 250

An intelligence report from Castoroil.in

Overview of Castor Oil Derivatives

The guide provides a comprehensive list of castor oil derivatives, classified on the basis of generation.
The basic and generation I derivatives are essentially considered as commodities and incorporate small value additions, and provide thin margins (in the range of 5%). On the other hand, the value additions and profit margins for generation II & III derivatives are significantly higher than the generation I and basic grades and are very attractive.

Existing Markets and Applications of the Castor Derivatives

Details of the use of castor oil derivatives are provided for the following end use industries

  • Agriculture
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Food
  • Cosmetics & Perfumeries
  • Paper
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics & Communications
  • Paints, Inks & Additives
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Lubricants

Emerging Markets and Applications of the Key Derivatives

Applications such as bio-polymers, oil field chemicals, coatings, adhesives and lubricants are encouraging the use of castor oil and derivatives beyond their traditional use in soaps and detergents. CastorOil.in, in an attempt, to explore the emerging castor oil and its derivatives applications, performed a brief market research on the castor-based products that have been launched, in the past few years. The table below provides an overview of the castor oil based products that have been introduced since 2011. Details are provided in applications such as polyamides, polyurethanes and cosmetics

Castor Oil - A Useful Raw Material for Specialty Nylons and Polyurethanes

Castor oil has long been a non-food-crop source of biopolymers for fibres and plastics, specifically Arkema’s Rilsan (PA 11). The options are now expanding as more and more companies are working on castor oil polyamide products.

Sebacic acid, a key castor oil derivative is used in the production of nylons.

This section provides more details on the use of castor oil for nylon and polyurethane manufacture.

Emerging Applications of Castor Biopolymers

Details are provided on the emerging applications of castor oil biopolymers in products such as filaments, in the sports industry and in electronics.

This special section on Castor Oil Biopolymers

  • Details are provided on the efforts in this direction by major companies
  • Drivers for castor oil biopolymers
  • Use of these biopolymers in specific industries such as automobiles.
  • Details of the use of sebacic acid in biopolymers

Castor Oil for Cosmetics

Another emerging application of castor oil lies in the cosmetics industry. Though it can be said, the consumption is not higher as that of the polymers; the use of castor oil in this industry is increasing steadily.

Details are provided for the use of castor oil and derivatives in this emerging end use sector.

A list of companies that have recently started using castor oil derivatives for their products is provided; also is provided a list of castor products and derivatives that are in demand from the cosmetics industry.

Prominent Ventures and Partnerships

Details of Joint Ventures, M&A and Research Partnerships in the castor industry since 2011 are provided in this section.

Summary& Inferences

Broad strategic Insights and perspectives are provided, along with highlights of inferences, for the emerging business opportunities in castor oil and derivatives.

The Price of the Emerging Business Opportunities in Castor Oil Derivatives Guide is $250.

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