Global Castor Oil Industry - Useful Data and Insights

Global Castor Oil Industry - Useful Data and Insights

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Global Castor Oil Industry - Key Points (Taken from

The top producers of castor seeds include India, China and Brazil. India is the largest producer of castor seeds with about 80% share, followed by Brazil contributing about 10% and China contributing about 8%.
The global market for generation II castor oil derivatives and generation III derivatives is estimated at about US$300 million and US$350 respectively.
Global export of castor oil during 2012 -13 stood at 4,30,752 MT compared to 4,04,489 MT in FY 2011-12. Large importers of castor seeds include USA, Netherlands, France, Thailand and Japan.
European Union imports over 1,00,000 tonnes of castor oil annually, and almost all its imports are from India. -

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